Advisory Board

1Rafael Céspedes       

Insights and Innovation Consultant (Chile). Bachelor in Psychology, with 20+ years of experience in the industry. Chairman of the Board of the Chilean Marketing Research Association (AIM) 2011-2012. Advisory board member of IIEX (global) and Chairman of the Latin American Board.   His international marketing research experience started at Cimagroup as an associate director (Chile, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Costa Rica). In 2008, Synovate acquired Cimagroup, and as Deputy Managing Director (Andean and Caribbean Region), Rafael provided support to Cimagroup and Synovate by managing their regional business and building regional teams. During his career he was appointed Managing Director for Chile, Ecuador and Peru. Since January 2013 Rafael is leading PROVOKERS Chile as a CEO.

santiagoSantiago Kahane

New Market Research is the concept that reflects the work at DatosClaros, the company that Santiago Kahane founded in 2003. By constantly focusing on how communications and interactions evolve, they have developed innovative tools and new research approaches that allow clients to obtain clear, useful information to help them make decisions. Bachelor’s degree in Sales, Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales (UCES). Post-graduate degree in public opinion analysis techniques, at IDAES, Universidad de San Martín. Before founding his company, he has worked in the commercial and marketing departments at retail companies such as Walmart and Tía. And as a consultant, he has participated in a wide range of commercial projects and training events. This previous experience currently helps him to understand the vision and needs of clients and to visualize where technology can add value to business processes.


Federico Barallobre 

Federico has 17 years of experience in Consumer & Shopper insight roles at a number of market research companies (working for Unilever, Mondolez, SCJ, Coca-Cola, Ferrero, Bayer) and at major retail companies (Danone and Pepsico). He has vast experience in consumer understanding in the main countries of Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia & Centro America) and focuses on the innovation process inside companies. He is passionate about brand equity generation towards Digital ways. Story Telling mindset helps to drive data into action. Federico holds a B.A. in Business Administration and a Master’s in Marketing.


Claudio 2Flores 

Partner and Vice President of LEXIA Insights Solutions. Social Communications Expert from UAM-X (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Xochimilco), he was granted the University Medal of Merit. He received his MA in Communications from UIA (Universidad Iberoamericana). He received a cum laude doctorate in Journalism and Communications Science from Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona. He has spent seventeen years participating in leading projects so that brands, media and institutions can enter into fruitful dialogue with their respective consumers, audiences and citizens. He is a specialist in qualitative research and methodology and has designed, coordinated and executed projects in: Advertising evaluation, engagement and branding, institutional and government image, impact in health campaigns, enhancement in developing strategies for political campaigns, testing creative concepts, tourism planning and agrochemicals. He is coordinator of the Communication Committee of the Board of the Mexican Association of Market Research Agencies and Public Opinion (AMAI), and has participated in several TV shows about public opinion in Mexico. He is an enthusiastic supporter and believer in the free and creative use of research methodology. He works in the Mexico City office.

Ururpipi Torrado 

Urpi has over 20 years of work experience in the field of market research and opinion polls.   She holds an MBA from the Jesuit-run Universidad del Pacífico, in Lima, Peru.  Throughout her career, Urpi has held key positions in a number of institutions in the private sector, and has also authored and co-authored a series of papers and books on market research.  Since 2013, Urpi is Esomar Representative for Peru. She is past-president of APEIM (Asociación Peruana de Empresas de Investigación y Mercado), an association of Peruvian firms in the field of public opinion and market research. During her period (4 years: 2009-2012) as President of APEIM, the industry adopted a unique formula to measure socio-economic levels in the country. A college professor of Market Research for the past 10 years, in post-graduate programs at Universidad del Pacífico, and at other local universities such as PUCP and UPC as well.

7Patricio Pagani

Patricio Pagani is a company director at Infotools, where he is responsible for clients and new services. A leading provider of research services and software tools, Infotools partners with some of the world’s largest companies to ‘empower curious minds to change their world’. Patricio’s research career started 14 years ago at Coca-Cola, where he coordinated research activities in South Latin America. Patricio then joined Infotools to lead the expansion of the Coca-Cola account from 20 to more than 90 countries. Before becoming a company director, Mr Pagani managed the growth of Infotools business with Microsoft, and launched the operation of Infotools in Latin America.Former president of the New Zealand Market Research Society and current ESOMAR representative, you will often find Patricio speaking at various industry forums, discussing what the future may hold for our research industry.And as an Argentinean living in New Zealand for the past 10 years, he is now quite fond of rugby while staying loyal to his other passions… football and playing the guitar.

Patricio-Pagani-175x175Adriana Rocha

With over 18 years of experience in information technology, marketing and market research, Adriana is co-founder and CEO of eCGlobal Solutions, a leading provider of marketing technology and market research solutions in the Americas. Before founding eCGlobal, Adriana was EVP for eCMetrics, one of the first Interactive Marketing Research Agencies in Latin America, and Director for GMI (Global Market Insite), a pioneer technology start-up developing integrated cloud-based solutions for the global market research industry. Speaker at international Congresses and Conferences, she is the author of several papers and articles, and has been featured by LatinVision as one of the most active and prestigious entrepreneur within the US Hispanic and Latin America Business Community ( Adriana has a BS in Computer Science from Federal University of Bahia, Brazil and a MBA in Marketing and Communications from ESPM (Marketing and Advertising School, Sao Paulo, Brazil).


Guido Lara

Guido Lara has a PhD in Communication Theory and Methods of Social Research by the Complutense University in Madrid. He is the founder of LEXIA Insights Solutions, a company expert in discovering insights and translating them into messages and strategic marketing and communication. LEXIA is the leading company in Mexico and it has initiated operations in the United States to attend the Latino market where its clients will be able to benefit from its methodologies “in language” and “in culture”. With more than 20 years of experience he has conceived and directed more than 200 consulting projects based on Insights, some that stand out are Vicente Fox’s presidential campaign, the development and launching of the Mexico brand, and “Amores Perros” the first movie of the two time Oscar winning director Alejandro G. Iñárritu. He is a tireless promoter of innovation in market research and communicationconsulting with major emphasis on creating potent frameworks for analysis and interpretation.

Alejandro Galexarnica For over thirty years, Alejandro has worked in applications of research and planning for business in areas such as: mass communication, media, advertising, markets, branding. Besides being an independent consultant, Alejandro currently directs ARIA (Americas Research Industry Alliance), a joint effort by eleven National Research Associations from North and South America. He is also co-director of GRBN (Global Research Business Network), the global entity created by EFAMRO (Europe), APRC (Asia Pacific) and ARIA (Americas). He received a B.A. in Communication Theory and Research (UIA, Mexico), a Diploma in Political Marketing (ITAM, Mexico) and a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Communication (UOC, Barcelona). Frequent writer for printed media, Alejandro has co-authored three books as well. Medición de audiencias de televisión en México (2009) the first analytic volume about Mexican audiences. Telenovelas en México: nuestras íntimas extrañas (2011), about soap operas. And Audiencias saturadas, comunicación fallida (2013), a printed and digital publication on a “mediagraphy” of the 2012 presidential campaign.  


Laura is a passionate marketer who has been part of decision making in the Boardroom, giving her a keen appreciation for how risks and opportunities are assessed, and the information that aids in the process. Her recommendations and presentations to C-suite are valued for their pragmatism and clear path forward. Laura likes being close to the consumers and business partners, brings flashes from the field, anchoring colleagues in the wants and needs of the target consumer, retailer or local marketplace.She hones in on and prioritizes the missing information Clients need to excel, develops the methodology to discover and enhance the plans, and shares her breadth of experience from world class organizations and brands. She is called upon to advise on many facets of marketing, strategy and innovation. Laura isan independent consultant. Her other relevant skills include tequila and wine tasting, cheering for the Packers, and enjoying the dynamism of Mexico City.


Patricia Grisolle

Patricia has over 20 years of experience in positions of Marketing and Market Research in multinational companies. Business Administrator at the Universidad del Pacifico began his career leading the Market Research team in British American Tobacco South Central America (Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay and Paraguay). She is currently Corporate Director of Market Intelligence in Yanbal International,  Direct Selling company present in 11 countries in America and Europe and Chairman of the Market Research Committee at ANDA (National Association of Advertisers).