IIeX LA 2016 is possible thanks to the collaboration of the following four organizations


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 The mission of the Americas Research Industry Alliance (ARIA) is to support and improve the business and integrity of market, opinion, and social research through collaborative effort and mutual support among pan-American research business associations. ARIA currently has a membership of 11 National Associations from the Americas and Nigeria as guest observer country. Visit:


The National Advertisers Association of Peru, joins together the top advertisers in Peru, those who drive the heft of marketing and commercial communication of the country. More than 70% of Peru’s advertising spend comes from the investments made by ANDA affiliates. Furthermore, ANDA is affiliated with the World Federation of Advertisers, domiciled in Belgium. This is the only worldwide organization that represents the interests of advertisers, and is made up of more than 50 national associations and 30 corporate members from around the globe. The World Federation of Advertisers represents more than 90% of worldwide ad spend.


Is the Peruvian Association of Market Research Companies, recognized by its initials in Spanish. This non-profit association brings together the market research and public opinion companies of Peru. The purpose of APEIM is to foment, develop, protect and defend the market research activities in Peru, as well as defend the industry’s best interests. APEIM is a participating member of ARIA, the Americas Research Industry Alliance. The member organizations of APEIM all must pass an evaluation process and obtain approval from the membership assembly, in addition to swearing to uphold and honor the associations ethics code.