Patricio Pagani IIeX LatAm 2015 Patricio Pagani – Infotools

Director – Infotools (New Zealand)

Patricio is a director of the company InfoTools, where he is responsible for customers and new services. A leading provider of software tools and research, InfoTools is associated with some of the largest companies in the world to “empower curious minds to change their world. Patricio research career began 14 years ago in Coca-Cola, where he coordinated research activities in Latin America. Then he joined InfoTools to lead the expansion of Coca-Cola account 20 to more than 90 countries. Before becoming director of the company, he managed the growth of business InfoTools Microsoft, and launched the operation InfoTools in Latin America. Former president of the Market Research Society of New Zealand and current representative of ESOMAR, Patricio is usual spekaer several industry forums, talking about what the future may hold for our research industry. And as Argentine living in New Zealand for the past 10 years, is now very fond of rugby he preserved faithful to his other passion … football and playing the guitar.



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