Rosalba Olivella – FeedBACK Provokers

Founder & CEO – FeedBACK Provokers (Colombia)

Rosalba is a psychologist with 28 years experience in market research, leading projects about markets, consumers, and distribution channels in more than 10 Latin and North American countries.

After passing through ad agency McCann Erickson’s Strategic Planning where she led analysis on many high profile projects.

Now she is founder and CEO of FeedBACK Provokers, one of the 14 largest MR agencies in Colombia, with strategice alliances with companies such as Unilever Andean área, Postobon, Nutresa Group, & Kimberly Clark.

Rosalba has pioneered use of methodologies like ethnography, semiotics, and neuromarketing. She is committed to the need for knowledge sharing with fellow Colombian marketing professionals



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