Urpi Torrado – Datum Internacional

General Manager – Datum Internacional (Peru)

Urpi has over 20 years of work experience in the field of market research and opinion polls.   She holds an MBA from the Jesuit-run Universidad del Pacífico, in Lima, Peru.  Throughout her career, Urpi has held key positions in a number of institutions in the private sector, and has also authored and co-authored a series of papers and books on market research.  Since 2013, Urpi is Esomar Representative for Peru. She is past-president of APEIM (Asociación Peruana de Empresas de Investigación y Mercado), an association of Peruvian firms in the field of public opinion and market research. During her period (4 years: 2009-2012) as President of APEIM, the industry adopted a unique formula to measure socio-economic levels in the country. A college professor of Market Research for the past 10 years, in post-graduate programs at Universidad del Pacífico, and at other local universities such as PUCP and UPC as well.



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