Sponsors’ Guide Shipping Instructions For Materials – Exhibit Set-Up & Break Down Info

Please coordinate set-up of your area by August 17, this will help us accomodate everyone in the production calendar. Contact is Peggy Comitre:  pcomitre@andaperu.org


Goodie bag inserts should be presented and approved in advance to ensure they will fit in the bags as inserts. Contact is Peggy Comitre:  pcomitre@andaperu.org


All gifts, brochures, and other bag inserts will be recieved at the ANDA offices, beginning Aug 8th, until Aug 18th, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Av. Rivera Navarrete 765, Of. 41,

San Isidro,

Lima, Perú

Please delivery all materials in closed and sealed boxes with labeling specs as follows:

IIeX – AUGUST 24 and 25

Company name

Brief description of content and stuffing instructions if needed

Contact name on your end

Telephone number

e-mail address

If there is a large amount of material for your stand, or bulky ítems, please advise in advance. Contact is Peggy Comitre, pcomitre@andaperu.org , tel. +511- 441-4200 ext 22, in order to coordinate delivery to the venue.

Bags, lanyards, notebooks and pens all should have approval by APEIM-ANDA-GREENBOOK team, we estimate around 250 attendants

Sponsors are strictly forbidden from subletting, renting, acquiessing or re-distributing in any way their sponsored role, nor may you represent, advertise or distribute literature or other materials or services on behalf of another Company without explicit written approval from ANDA-APEIM-GREENBOOK.



Sponsors with stall/table allocation may set-up on Tuesday, August 23rd, after 11:00 p.m. Please confirm no later than Monday, August 22nd, 5:00 p.m. if you will make use of late night shift for your set-up, as you must be on “the list” for access to the venue.   Please provide the names of all who will be setting up or require entrance, Company name, and type of ID document that will be shown at the door for admittance with venue security.  Contact is Peggy Comitre,  pcomitre@andaperu.org


Entrance to the venue is via

Calle Sánchez Cerro N° 2141,

Jesús María.

Contact person at the University is Events Coordinator Mrs.  Alice Caballero


All vendors or suppliers working at the venue should have comimentary insurance coverage for work involving risk (locally known as SCTR)


We suggest bringing your own cords and cables, as the venue will not be able to provide these.


It is prohibited to stick, nail, screw, or staple on the walls, wall coverings or furnishings of the venue.  Any decoration or physical structure must be previously arranged and approved by the Events Manager at the venue.


All exhibit materials used on any hard surface at the venue (floor or carpeting or other) must include protection for the flooring.


In the event your sponsorship includes signage, its use may be restricted or limited, depending on location. The Sponsor is responsable for obtaining specifications from the ANDA-APEIM-GREENBOOK team.  No part of the display or its decoration may extend into walkways or common areas, emergency exits cannot be obstructed, nor fire extinguishers or alarms, any infraction being the full responsability of the infringing company.


Use of audio/visual material will be authorized for your exhibit provided it doesn’t represent any danger to the attendees, nor disturbance to other exhibitors, nor is damaging to the venue’s property in any way.


The venue has wifi coverage in the areas IIeX wil be occupying.


Please keep in mind that the event begins on Wednesday, Aug 24th, so all exhibits should be mounted and ready for public by 7:00 Wednesday.



The venue does not have storage space for any of your materials upon conclusion of the event.  Upon conclusion on Aug 25th, you should have all your materials, boxes and other ítems removed by 9:00 p.m. latest.  Please make necessary arrangements to ensure timely removal.


Any ítems remaining after 9:00 p.m. will be considered abandoned and will be discarde


The event organizers ANDA-APEIM-GREENBOOK and the venue, Pacific University, are not responsable for damages arising from fire, theft, irregularities or damages to materials, or accidents that may be experienced by attendees, visitors or products shown in exhibition.  This applies before, during and after the event.


For additional information or consultation regarding adherence to these terms, please contact Peggy Comitre, pcomitre@andaperu.org, or Tel. +511-441-4200 ext. 22